About Nicky

As an only child, I spent a lot of my adolescent years absorbing the world and creating my favorite parts in the self-contained universe of my bedroom. Countless hours spent building Lego Eiffel towers and taking apart cable boxes. In adulthood, I spend my days designing the latest tech and my nights making my latest random thought. Ranging from adorable to horrifying, fantastical to seductive, geeky to grandmotherly, my thingys are all unique and all my own. Only the universe knows what I’ll make next.


Consider this website my creative playhouse. There are fluffy pillows on the couches in the lounge, make sure you use a coaster. The cocktail menu is at the bar. Pop into the kitchen for oven mitts and a cookie recipe.  The wardrobe has sweaters, dresses and accessories galore. Stop by the library to quietly browse my available books and crafting patterns. Ignore the screams coming from the dungeon unless you’re brave enough to save the victim. Don’t get too close to the flowers in the garden, some of them are deadly. Yes, there’s a pool.


I aim to make my creations as Earth-friendly as possible. Most of my materials come from thrift stores and donations from people I know. Since this limits the amount of like material I can have at once, no two thingys of the same kind will be 100% alike.

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While I enjoy making everything that comes to my mind, I love bringing thingys from the imaginations of others to the realm of reality. Shop my collection or design my next wonder!

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